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USAC 2013

The Bruin Democrats are pleased to present their endorsements for the 2013-2014 Undergraduate Student Associated Council:

President: John Joanino


The Bruin Democrats are pleased to endorse John Joanino for the office of President. John’s vision to advocate for and create an agency to create change within the UCLA community makes him a favorable candidate. John seeks to advocate for a fee rollback on our tuition and revenue-raising legislation. We support John because of his dedication for a more affordable and diverse UCLA.


Internal Vice President: No Endorsement


The Bruin Democrats were unable to reach a decision for the office of Internal Vice President.  Both candidates have good ideas on ways to improve transparency in USAC and provide resources to the student body.  We hope the next IVP will continue to strengthen our campus climate as well as improve campus safety.


External Vice President: Maryssa Hall


The Bruin Democrats are proud to endorse Maryssa Hall for External Vice President. Maryssa’s experience in the office to advocate for student issues makes her qualified to continue her work in the EVP office. Her platform to bring legislators to the students shows her commitment to bridging the gap between students and legislators to effectively advocate for issues concerning students. Her platform to connect students to the LA city and to LAUSD provides an experience for UCLA students to connect to the communities outside of UCLA and provides a space for Bruins to advocate and engage in these communities. We believe in Maryssa’s ability to accomplish her platforms and to advocate for student issues.


General Representative 1: Devin Murphy


The Bruin Democrats are proud to strongly endorse Devin Murphy for General Representative 1.  He is a strong advocate for student rights and developing consensus around major issues affecting students.  His “Fight for your Right to Party” platform demonstrates his desire to educate the student body about a broad range of issues, ranging from rights for apartment tenants to undocumented students.  We believe Devin’s combination of progressive values and a desire to unite the Bruin community will make him an effective General Representative.


General Representative 2: Sam Haws


The Bruin Democrats are proud to strongly endorse Sam Haws for General Representative 2.  Sam’s platforms have something for everyone.  He is sensitive to the needs of low-income students while also promoting measures that will improve the campus experience for the student body as a whole.  We believe Sam will be a strong addition to the 2013-2014 USA Council.


General Representative 3: Charmaine Campbell


The Bruin Democrats are proud to endorse Charmaine Campbell for General Representative 3. We support Charmaine’s platforms to reach out to communities that are underrepresented and to provide support to these communities. Charmaine’s experience in the General Representative office and her dedication to connect students through her womyn awareness campaign and “The Story Behind the Glory” campaign makes her an excellent candidate for General Representative.


Academic Affairs Commissioner: Darren Ramalho


The Bruin Democrats are proud to strongly endorse Darren Ramalho for Academic Affairs Commissioner.  Darren’s experience in the office makes him the more qualified candidate.  Furthermore, his platforms continue the effective programs offered by the office this past year as well as add feasible goals for the upcoming year.  Finally, Darren has been an impressive campus leader and has demonstrated that he can work with groups that are considered his polar opposite.  We are convinced Darren Ramalho will represent every student fairly and passionately and we are proud to endorse him for AAC.


Campus Events Commissioner: Jessica Kim


The Bruin Democrats are proud to endorse Jessica Kim for Campus Events Commissioner.  We are confident that CEC has selected an excellent candidate to continue the exciting programs created by CEC.


Community Service Commissioner: Omar Arce


The Bruin Democrats are proud to endorse Omar Arce for Community Service Commissioner. His platform will strengthen current volunteer programs as well as implement new and exciting ways for Bruins to get involved.


Cultural Affairs Commissioner: Jessica Trumble


The Bruin Democrats are proud to strongly endorse Jessica Trumble for Cultural Affairs Commissioner.  Jessica’s platforms highlight the diversity of UCLA and aim at allowing students from all backgrounds display their artistic talents as well as displaying the history of art and activism at UCLA.  Her emphasis on the inherent relationship between CAC and politics will work to strengthen the relationship to local Los Angeles legislators.


Facilities Commissioner: Anthony Montalvo


The Bruin Democrats are proud to strongly endorse Anthony Montalvo for Facilities Commissioner. We support Anthony’s platforms that advocate for student inclusion and cultural awareness and believe that his past experience has strongly prepared him for this position. His platform of environmental sustainability, amplifying student voices and campus safety are what UCLA needs to foster a healthier campus atmosphere. Montalvo promises to advocate for those student groups who do not have adequate resources such as office space and we strongly feel he will accomplish all these things if elected.


Financial Supports Commissioner: Lauren Rogers


The Bruin Democrats are proud to endorse Lauren Rogers for Financial Supports Commissioner. We feel that her experience makes her qualified for this position. Her plan to create a myUCLA Budgeting application will help students become more financially responsible and aware, and her push to make course materials more affordable will greatly benefit all students.

Student Wellness Commissioner: Savannah Dianne Badalich


Bruin Democrats are proud to strongly endorse Savannah Dianne Badalich for Student Wellness Commissioner. Her support of women’s safety and approach to educating students about gender based violence align with the progressive values of our organization.


Bruin Bash Referendum: Endorse


The Bruin Democrats endorse the Bruin Bash Referendum.  The $1 fee increase for students will allow the Campus Events Commission to receive its allocation for Bruin Bash in May (instead of receiving money from the surplus in August).  This will allow CEC to book higher quality performers and improve the student experience.


Bruin Diversity Initiative: Endorse


The Bruin Democrats endorse the Bruin Diversity Initiative.  Although we are concerned about the size of the fee increase required for this initiative, we believe the benefits outweigh the negatives.  This initiative will ease pressure on overstretched programs, such as the Fitness Improvement Training through Exercise and Diet (FITTED) and the EVP Travel Grant.  This initiative will also provide resources to the Greek System to promote co-programming among the various Greek councils (Asian Greek Council, Intrafraternity Council, Latino Greek Council, Multi-Interest Greek Council, and Panhellenic Council).  Cumulatively, we believe this measure is a needed step toward preserving the cultural and community resources that sustain student quality of life.